StrongFirst for clinicians

Closing the gap between the clinician and the student of strength.

A foundational course for clinicians in order to help them more effectively understand the role of strength and important technique nuances with the kettlebell and barbell, to help them treat and guide their patients toward strength, health, and longevity.

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Price: $499
Date: February 17-18, 2018 in Atlanta, GA

What Is StrongFirst for Clinicians?

With more and more people utilizing the kettlebell and the barbell to varying degrees of volume and intensity in their training, it is important we close the information gap between the athlete, coach, and clinician to help return people to training after injury in the most efficient and effective way possible. Many clinicians are not well versed in the execution of the major lifts and struggle communicating with patients who are having difficulties with injuries or performance during training.

We designed this workshop in order to provide the clinician with a solid grasp of strength training and the common language and tools used to instruct and troubleshoot some of the major lifts and principles utilized by StrongFirst.

This gives you an opportunity to develop good rapport with the athlete and gives them confidence you understand their goals. Instead of telling people to just quit doing the lift, they should be given guidelines to safely return to their favorite activity and the clinician should be able to help them develop the best technique and positions. It will also be helpful for the clinician to be able to identify any roadblocks to their performance and to help remove them. If roughly 50% of the reasons people seek an appointment with a physician is musculoskeletal pain, there is a good reason to learn the basic language of movement and training.

For far too long, clinicians have been telling people to do some light cardio and go for a walk a few days a week. Strength training has only recently become important in the eyes of the clinical world for patient care.

The goal of StrongFirst for Clinicians is to make strength training the default when prescribing activity for patients.

This Course will go a long way in teaching clinicians the very basics and help them get everyone from the most deconditioned patient to the elite athlete moving in the right direction.

What you will learn

Many injuries we see from training can be traced back to inefficiencies in the technique of the lift. As a clinician, it should make sense that if an athlete comes to you with pain while deadlifting, you should have an understanding of what a well-executed deadlift should look like.

And so during this Course, you will be presented with an overview of the techniques of the lifts and how to troubleshoot safe and healthy execution of the lifts.

This Course will cover a mix of kettlebell and barbell exercises.

  • We will begin by discussing breathing and bracing for proper trunk stability and rooting the feet to create a solid foundation.
  • As we begin to discuss lifting, the kettlebell will be covered first. It is a safe and effective tool to begin lifting and also easy to use to help assess the capabilities of the athlete.
  • The kettlebell lifts covered will include the deadlift/swing, goblet squat, Turkish Get-up, press, and variations of carries.
  • The barbell lifts covered will be the deadlift (sumo and conventional) and press.

These lifts were chosen because you can assess just about every position an athlete may find themselves in under a bit of load and in a controlled environment.


StrongFirst for Clinicians Event Details


February 17-18, 2018 at CrossFit Chatahoochee, 3379 Buford Hwy, Duluth, GA 30096


8-5pm Saturday and Sunday
*check-in begins at 7:30am



Course Instructor

Travis Jewett, DC