backpacks for putting plates in (Rucking)

Jak Nieuwenhuis

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Just a few backpack suggestions for loading up with plates. These backpacks are tough as nails and will stand up to being loaded with plates, thrown around, etc. I was at a loss for which backpack to buy when i first tried rucking

1. Alice Pack, Medium, Frame or no Frame

2. MOLLE 2, 3 day assault pack

3. FILBE, 3 day assault pack

4. ILBE 3 day assault pack

5. Molle 2 patrol pack

These packs all come with some sort of psuedo-frame system, besides the ALICE, which can be used with or without the metal frame.

All of these packs can basically be had for less than $50. I would not spend the money for outrageous GORUCK prices or similar.
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