Becoming a better coach: Quality instruction through demonstration, cueing and analogies

So you are a competent athlete who has attended their SFG certification, passed all the tests, survived the weekend and come home an informed and motivated (if not very sore) SFG. So, now what? How do you take all you’ve learned, practiced, and performed personally, and break it down into a language your students can […]

How to Teach the Get-up in a Group Setting

In the coaching profession, you can always learn new things—I certainly learned many new things about the get-up, and I’m going to share them with you now.

The Half Kneeling Windmill Series

A powerful sequence for teaching the bent press, the half kneeling windmill series develops the range of motion and control at the hips and t-spine that supports this lift.

What You Need to Know Before the Sets and Reps

Since assuming can be the mother of all problems, it makes sense to eliminate assumptions regarding the individual(s) you program for. This article will lay out a bit of information you may need to know.

The Half Kneeling Bent Press Series

After beginning with the half kneeling windmill series, this half kneeling bent press series completes an extremely successful learning progression for the full bent press lift.

Plan Strong™ Military Press Training Plan

The 501G military press training plan is for a girevik with a 40kg military press 1RM. The 503G plan is for a lady with a 20kg military press 1RM. The plan is identical to men’s plan 501G.

Kettlebell Complexes for Maximum Efficiency

I believe the true power of complexes is fully realized with the use of kettlebells. Here are some basic ground rules for kettlebell complexes, as well as sample training sessions.