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Start here. A high school senior, Alex, has an encounter one night with mysterious lights,and it leaves her with dangerous, supernatural abilities but no recollection of who she is or how she got the powers. She then comes across her friend Sean, who offers to take her into his home until she is better. However, […]

3 Simple Nutrition Principles to Power Up Your Simple & Sinister Training

I haven’t taken a break from Simple & Sinister training for the last six weeks. Over the last few months, I transitioned from the 16kg to the 24kg kettlebell. Every day, my one-arm swings are more solid and my get-ups are steadier. — —   CHART While most strength programs prescribe regular rest days, S&S is unique in that […]

The 3 Cs of Kettlebell Ownership

“When do I know when I can move up to the next bell?” is a question that pops up quite often on the StrongFirst Forum. This is one of the best questions someone can ask, but it can also indicate a risky time for a beginner or novice girevik. Moving too quickly could leave room […]

Kettlebell Windmill 101

“Details are the difference between good stuff and great stuff.”—Stephen Brewster The kettlebell windmill exemplifies this quotation. Details in the set-up and execution of this exercise can make it great. While there are many videos on YouTube and it has been a somewhat popular exercise since Pavel (re)introduced it to the fitness world with his […]

Quality a Mile Deep: A Strength Program Based on Skillful Practice

I have put together a strength program based on two of Pavel's principles. You will focus on building quality, then quantity. The result is building some solid strength a mile deep.

The StrongFirst “Tools of Titans” Video Companion

To make life easier (regarding searching for info, not practicing), I created a Tools of Titans video companion to cover all the exercises featured in Pavel’s chapter of Tim Ferriss's new book.

Quality of Life: StrongFirst for an Aging Population

The StrongFirst community is primed to make a positive impact with our aging population. If we simply teach the basics of our principles, we are doing a service that could be lifesaving.

Press the Kettlebell—for Healthy Shoulders and a Big Bench Press

When it comes to the bench press, our problem is two-fold—avoiding shoulder injury and building the lift—but our solution is singular, the kettlebell military press. And we have the evidence to back it up.

The Critical Difference Breathing Can Make in the Snatch Test

We often revert to our training when competing. Therefore, we must practice proper breathing under extreme circumstances in order to get better at it and have it become what feels most natural.

Absolute Strength Is the True Master Quality

Relative strength is impressive, but it is absolute strength that has the effect of allowing all other attributes to become greater. So if you ask me for training advice, then I’ll probably ask you, “How much can you pull?”